Friday, 6 April 2012

Heroes of Newerth

Last school year, I started playing the same game every single day, usually i play this game every after practice. This game would be one of the reasons why i am not able to study during week days. Every night after coming home from basketball practice and after eating dinner i would then go to my computer and play this game.

 At first there weren't many people playing this game in our school and i thought maybe this game would be far too complex for them to understand and play. I started playing this game when my cousins mikey and myko a.k.a. (frootloops) and (gahung) invited me to play this game and stop playing the so called childish game of League of Legends. After a month or two of playing HON some of batch mates started playing the game. they weren't my barkada but the world of gaming connected us together and i started playing with them.

By the way, what is this Heroes of Newerth that i'm talking about?  To tell you honestly i don't know how to explain it. For me like what all gamers think HON is simply a game. What kind of game? i don't give a damn as long as i enjoy playing it , No! SERIOUSLY! The closest comparison of this game would be DOTA, are you guys familiar with DOTA? If not, then search what DOTA is. Maybe the concept of HON was really from DOTA and made only several changes to it. I mean DOTA and HON are almost the same, some heroes got the same skills but different names. Like come on ROSHAN AND KONGOR are the same right? even when i'm playing HON i still make use of the terms i learned in DOTA, I even use the name of the items in DOTA when i'm playing HON.

You must all be wondering why many are playing this game right? When this game isn't even half as good as Skyrim and what have you. The only edge of this game is that when you have already played dota in the past, playing this game would be so easy that you won't need to learn a thing . This game perhaps is a great way of " palipas oras " and a chance to "gawas ang tanan kalagot sa kalaban".

My first friend to play HON with me is franz a.k.a.  ( [SSON]franzbuddy originally [SSON]`Hush ) he actually changed his name believing that  changing his name would help increase his MMR (matchmaking rank) and blaming his old name for his shortcomings. A stupid belief i guess, but it actually brought him luck to be able to get back to around 1500 MMR. sooner or later my other friends namely Kiel - kielster, Kiefer - iki11 , Paolo - Rafaamenon, Presbi - SprinGBoarD , CJ - BlackLotus00 , Andre - Igiboy123, Martin - MartzDC, Mav - mavygee19, Ramsel - MoveslikeRam, Roy - MoveslikeRoy , Patrick - (noob, many accounts, hard to determine which one is active) , Lao - Prometheus21, Pardo - TealocaBoy, Jakal - Jakal26 started playing the game too. So i made a clan just for me and my batchmates it was called Season [SSON].

Soon after they started playing, they would already spend their Saturdays in Boyztrek. During school days they even play during  lunch time and sometimes go to school late because of playing this game. (don't worry we've all got our diplomas already.)

Now for the Question and Answer...

Q: Who is your favorite Hero in HON and Who is your most used hero?Why do you like that particular hero?
A: Bloodhunter because i smell blood in the air...

Q: Who is the person whom you don't want to play with? Why?
A: Patrick. because he is noob.

Q:Who is the person you always play with?Why?
A: Kiel because he isn't noob.

Q:Who is the best player in HON among your friends?
A: Of course me! ( p.s. this is my article )

Q: Who often leads the group when playing 5v5?
A: Me, fortunately they listen to what i say even when i'm wrong.

Q: Main reason of playing HON?
A: Boredom.

Q: Can you text your love ones while playing this?
A: Yes, Every time you die or go home.

Effects of this game?

1: Not being able to reply right away.
2: Not being able to study.
3: Get low grades in exams.
4: GF will get angry for the late replies.
5: You will tell a lie in order to play this. Like ( TYL (text you later) sleep muna ako, sleep na ako, busy ako, may gawin ako importante, may inutos sa akin, may sakit ako.)

The End. Now Let's Play HON...
wa pa ni nahuman . pero katulogon nko :))) i edit pa nko pagmata nko.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Family That I Gained On My Stay.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. We may have been together for only a short period of time but I'm quite sure that the bond that we made will last forever. Goodbye? what's with this word that makes it so hard to say? Is it that hard to say goodbye? To be more realistic we should not be dismayed by goodbyes for it is necessary to say them before we can meet again. Saying goodbye doesn't really mean that it is the last time we would be seeing each other. It only means that we would be separated for some time and we would soon meet again.

Yesterday, we had an amazing day. "You don't say?" Basically yesterday would be the last time that we would see each other this summer if there would be no senior's ball, but thank God that we will have a senior's ball this Saturday which means that we would still be able to see each other one more time. They've all been part of my life, they left their print in my heart and I will never forget every moment i spent with them. I may not be the best person out there to be with but I'll make sure that you will have a nice time when you guys are with me.

see how happy we are when we're together?

You all know that it's almost impossible to be close with everyone in the class, right? I am particularly close with a group of classmates and they call themselves "the retards" . The name of group actually started when i kept on calling my friend Bob a retard. from then on i never really knew how the group was called the retards when in fact i was only referring to a single retard. But group names aren't that important for what's more important is the priceless moments that we've spent together.

 A goodbye is indeed so hard to say, It's not easy to be separated from the ones you enjoy being with. This June many of my friends would be enrolled in to different schools thus we would be far from each other but always remember that no matter how far they are they will always be in our hearts.  just like what Washington Irving said "Sweet is the memory of distant friends!  Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart." Indeed what a wonderful memory it had been. Always keep in mind that this day is not the ending and if time will make us part, we'll spend our whole lives finding the ones who grew in our hearts.

So long....

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.  ~Garrison Keillor

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Unexpected Life I Spent With My Classmates.

I've been studying in the same school for more than a decade but it was only last year that they made a drastic change in the sectioning of the students. They actually placed the top 50 students of the batch in a single section. Surprisingly i was part of it, soon after hearing the news, i immediately imagined my class to be the most boring class in the batch. Expecting a lot of negative things, i though i would not be able to enjoy my 4th year life.  I even wished that i would be transferred to another class where my "barkada" is.  But that's only when classes haven't started yet.

Last June 6, 2011  was the first day of our class and my birthday. I went to school late (as usual) for my body wasn't ready in waking up early and was used to waking up late. Upon arriving at school, i immediately approached my "barkada" for i know we have a lot of things to talk about. During the first quarter of the school year never did i appreciate my classmates for they seemed to boring for me and too serious at times. It was only during our Mother Candida song composition practice that i began to enjoy being with my classmates. I enjoyed being with them and also doing childish stuffs with them. I realized that they weren't actually the so called "geeks" "nerds" and the likes who doesn't know how to enjoy life. From then on i started to value my classmates and upon appreciating what they are i started to have fun by just simply being with them.

 link to our song composition...

The next time i became closer to my classmates was during our retreat. It was indeed a marvelous experience and perhaps a once in a life time opportunity to be closer to God and to my classmates. We spent time together as one and we will start our new life together. The retreat made me realize that my classmates are actually my brothers and sisters, thus we are one big and happy family. From that point onwards our faith in God became stronger. I was touched by the stories that were shared by my classmates for i knew it all came from the heart. As our retreat came to and end we all were very alive not only physically but also spiritually. With Abba's grace we became a better person.

Of course we wouldn't be what we are now if we weren't guided by someone who dedicated her time in order to teach us. And that is no other than our adviser  Ms. Suzanne Gerodias. She is like our 2nd mother in school. She kept on reminding us what is the right thing to do. She's also one of the most supportive advisers i've ever had. During practices she would always be present and would cite the things that we need to improve. She's our number one critic and also our number one fan. I am very confident to say that she is very proud of our achievements. She is the one of the star that lighted our way.

Now that we've finally graduated i will definitely miss a lot of things. From the teamwork that we've shown in our activities to the fun arguments that we've had during discussions. From the activities that we took seriously to the fun times we spent playing around. I will forever treasure the time i spent with you all. I will surely miss bullying you all, but keep in mind that bullying is my way of showing you guys how much i love you. I hope that i made everyone smile with the things i do. I hope that all of us can still bring that smile in the future. It's been a long ride indeed classmates but that is not a reason for us not to smile. It's not the end  we'll meet again!

link to some wonderful videos of our class.

Today our next chapter begins.